Cities & Angels

Some city is exciting, well-dressed, cultured, but you don’t have time to discovery it, to get closer to it, like Tokyo.

Some city is so called pretty, frivolous, even you spend quite a long time with it, still cannot find any interest in it, finally driven away by the boring night, like Dalian.

Some city is mixed with tradition and contemporary, with chaos and modest, with attraction and resistance, like Beijing.

Some city is able, proud, decent, but nervous, lack of content, opinionated, but still need to find more before leaving it, like Singapore.

Some city gave you life, tough but sincere, you feel you know it and close to it, so you don’t want to find more of it, you don’t live with it, but it is the only place you belong, you can feel peace in it, that is home.

To love a city, you need to learn it, to feel it, to touch it, to live within, to see it, to hear it, to discovery all the good for worse, and to endure it, to accommodate it, to fit it, to adjust for it, to praise it, and to be part of it.

It’s similar to love someone,


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Dark side of the moon





Like the moon, people will never discover the other side of the moon, no one will find what are hiding there behind, maybe everyone got that side hiding from others, with secrets, with sadness, with solitude,with unknown story.


But the dark side of the moon is not the same, once you see it, you will need to find a way back, and to see its old face day by day, that is the hardest part not to think about the other side.






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