Terms you should know about Mainframe

MVS: Multiple Virtual Storage
TSO: Time Sharing Option
JCL: Job Control Language
ISPF: Interactive System Productivity Facility
SDSF: System Display and Search Facility
VSAM: Virtual Storage Access Method
DSAD: Direct Access Storage Device
PDS: Partioned Data Set
JES: Job Entry Subsystem
COBOL: Common Business Oriented Language
CICS: Customer Information Control System
PL/I: Programming Language 1
SQL: Structured Query Language
SPUFI: SQL Processor Using File Input
QMF: Query Management Facility

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Since the 1960s, mainframe computers dominates the landspace of large-scale business computing, and today mainframe plays a central role in the daily operations of most of the world’s largest corporations, in banking, finance, health care, insurance, public utilities, government, and a multitude of other public and private enterprises.

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