1. Turing is a mathematician.
  2. Perfectionism, even though none of its products is considered as “perfect”.
  3. Appearance matters.
  4. Simple.
  5. But not easy to accommodate, complicated inside.
  6. High performance, with High price.
  7. But not as excellent as you imagine
  8. High compatibility, I mean, hardware, not software, or your brain.
  9. Also crash, sometimes.
  10. Unique, and superior, as we think.
  11. Born to lead.
  12. Details, details, and details.
  13. Stubborn.
  14. Think and care about users, in our way.
  15. Not listening unless user complain.
  16. Sacrifice the majority for the minority.
  17. Always improving.
  18. Will never show you all the best we have, at one time.
  19. Force the users.
  20. The users still like us.

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