Those we have, we never need

Those we need, we never have

Just No one wants to be themselves these days.


[audio:Underneath the Stars.mp3]

What changed, may not

What remain, may changed

That’s the reason why we don’t really need to realize.


How shall I say Goodbye to year 2010?

Like a puppet or, a resister or, a follower?

Fortune un-told, story un-bet, and farewell un-signed?

It’s amazing chaos.


People forgive because they love

People strive because they dream

People achieve because they believe

Which I have them none.


I see you

I see you

And I see you


The life cross me by

The life pass me by

And the life miss me by


Fear conquered, Blind listened, Lullaby expired.

Long live the king, the old king is dead.

And blame, is to be punished(promised).


Acoustic, Melody and Departure

Left no argue no choice and no excuse,

Sorry, 2000+10.










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  1. 纠结的时候一切是是非非都是是非,放下了神马都是浮云……

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